Friday, 26 October 2012

Pop Corner: Nicki Minaj - The Boys

I wish Nicki Minaj would release something worthwhile. I'm not the designated pop reporter, however I feel the need to comment on Nicki Minaj whenever I feel bothered by her recording and visual presence. And this time, it's not only the track that makes no sense because the video is a complete mindfuck. "TheBoys" is Minaj's latest single featuring R&B starlet Cassie. No offence to Cassie, but when she's put alongside Minaj, she looks and sounds like a Ferrari, as opposed to a Rover. It's just a shame Cassie lowers her standards in the god awful skimpy video.

I'm just five seconds into listening to The Boys and I hear Minaj rap "Pull up." I'm straight up pissed off that Minaj continues to use the same fucking lyric in pretty much every track. I mean, why? What is the fucking point of having the same imagery in every track? She pulls up in a car, and then all hell breaks loose, that's the moral to every Minaj track. It's like everything is perfect until Minaj opens her mouth and releases the words 'pull' and 'up'. I'm sick of it.

Ignoring my distress Minaj clearly causes me, the actual content is bland, boring and washed-up. The electronic beat is nothing new or unique at all. It's like a deformed Daft Punk mixed with an enraged vocalist with a nice soul singer for the chorus. Now the acoustic guitar works with Cassie, this is a positive. Everything else on this track is a negative. Cassie does have a few verses, where she uses auto tune, pathetically.

Nicki Minaj is not a hip-hop artist at all. She's straight up pop and releasing this single is just another calling card for her to get radio play, fame and more money to spend on boys. IRONY ALERT. Yeah, if you like pop music then this could very well be your thing, however it's not the kind of thing children should hear. They should be listening to this reasonably priced Moshi Monster CD that I am advertising because I need Google's money.