Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Faults - Patients EP

The Faults have been pitched as, "The Strokes during a massage from Jack White at Woodstock in 1969." However, on first impression, I would describe them as, 'a Strokes cover band at a wedding in Australia'. It's increasingly difficult to see artists from Australia making it big overseas. Only Tame Impala, Wolfmother and Cut Copy have made it across either end of the pond in recent years. What makes it even more embarrassing is the lack of diversity within Australian popular music. In both the UK and USA, chart's still regularly feature music that isn't pop, in Australia, that’s all there is. So when an Australian band makes its way to me and has the above description, of course I'm going to be both excited and interested.

Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of The Strokes. I'm a huge fan of garage rock and all its 90s/00s sub-genres. Tracks like "Patience" and "Piece of Mind" are one in the same. As far as I’m concerned, this is nothing but a bad attempt and emulating the sound of The Stokes and Julian Casablanca’s vocal. The connection to Jack White baffles me because all I can hear is very basic guitar progression, a simple rock structure and some fuzz guitars with little but an empty sound on top of a heavily effected vocal. 

"Leather Jacket" opens with a poor drum pattern. The following guitar is no better and nor is the vocal for that matter. I know that it sound harsh reading this, but honestly, criticism must be given in order for The Faults to understand where they're going wrong. Now it's obvious they know what they're doing, but I don't think they know why they're doing it. "Summer" is better than the previous tracks, but the reverberated guitar sounds forced, as does the vocal. Real garage rock was raw, untidy and dissonant. This is the complete opposite, it's just poor. 

"Chivalry" brings nothing more to the table. I mentioned the lack of diversity within Australia’s music scene. Well no wonder there's no diversity if their own artists can't bring in their own diversity. In order to be successful, they could do a number of different things. If they don't care about success, then fine, but at least work towards a respectable sound, because right now, The Faults are leaving nothing but a bad impression on me. Scrap the vocal effects, scrap the reverb on the guitar and start writing better instrumentation for the drumming. Saying this is so simple, yet so complicated. Having tracks less than two minutes is the right thing here; I can merit them on that. Improvements must be made before the next PR sends over The Faults again.

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