Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The News: Death Grips v Epic Records

Many bloggers may be reporting George Michael's recent tour cancellations due to 'serious anxiety'. Well right now you're reading this blog, and I'm almost certain you've been exposed to the recent controversy surrounding the release of Death Grips second studio album "NO LOVE DEEPWEB". The material is irrelevant. Death Grips have committed an offence to their record label. They have effectively stuck up their middle finger. Aspects to this story may not be true, however I’m going to try my hardest not to be libel. 

When Death Grips signed to Epic Records in February this year, debut album "The Money Store" was in the works. Death Grips announced they would release two albums in 2012, which in turn sparked this course of events that is spiralling out of control. The first was of course The Money Store, released in April. The second album was supposedly a 2012 fall release, however Epic Records have allegedly said otherwise... This is why you’re reading this. Death Grips have claimed and I quote, "The label wouldn't confirm a release date for NO LOVE DEEP WEB 'till next year sometime" / "The label will be hearing the album for the first time with you." 

Obviously Death Grips are pissed off by Epic Records alleged comments and they reacted somewhat over the top. They're not releasing mix-tape’s anymore, Death Grips is a money making artist and Epic Records know this. Releasing your album for free is one thing, but releasing it without even running it through your major record label is completely out of this world.

It's questionable whether or not Death Grips have the right to release this album without their record labels permission. Some would say that they have signed a legally binding contract which they will have to fulfil or pay big. Releasing albums for free will get you credibility, but it won't get you paid. Earlier in the year Death Grips were set to play a number of shows around New England, USA. They actually cancelled these shows so they could focus on recording and producing NO LOVE DEEP WEB. Funnily enough, Mr. Music Review Database himself would have attended one of those shows... Instead, he has to write about Death Grips punk attitude towards their employers.

What becomes of Death Grips will be unveiled shortly. There will be consequences, costly consequences for one party, the Death Grips party. They need to ask themselves if it was worth it, because they'll look back and realize how stupid they were for defying their record label. Just look at the album cover they've applied to NO LOVE DEEP WEB. It’s a picture of an erect circumcised penis if you did not know. From an outsiders perspective, this is great. An artist is standing up against their major record label and they're giving me an album for free, what more could I ask for. This story will develop.

Yes this is a penis... It’s also art.

DEVELOPMENT: Death Grips have tweeted, "our sight just got shut down- BASIC AS FUCK." I told you this story would developed... The website thirdworlds.net has been down for a couple of hours. Are they blaming this on their label? of course they are. Although you can't download their new album from the website, it will be all over the blogosphere by now and you can still hear it (rather oddly) on YouTube and Soundcloud. It seems Death Grips have put plenty of effort in to this. It questions the validity of this alleged bust up. It could very well be an elaborate hoax to generate hype. Stay tuned for more.

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