Thursday, 4 October 2012

Track Review: By The Rivers - Don't Say You Love Me

Leicester based up and coming reggae outfit By The Rivers are back with their second single, "Don't Say You Love Me". One year has passed since their debut single; "One Word" was premiered on local radio. 2012 has seen the band support New York reggae legends The Slackers, acoustically on the mainland of Europe. They're still a work in progress; however the final result will never be delivered otherwise roots reggae wouldn't be what it is. By The Rivers differentiate themselves from other artists though modern lyricism and 'fun' with reggae music. They take a range of influences from several areas of music, predominantly second wave ska.

Their first EP was fuelled by political anger and musical energy. The second EP developed on that energy with peace and tranquillity, keeping all the rhythms and brass sections and politics safely tucked away under the jive. Don't Say You Love Me obviously touches on the theme of love. A topic reggae happens to excel in. "Your minds just to young to love," sings lead vocalist and guitarist Nile Barrow. The bass is soulful and the multi-layered vocals plus reverberated horn segments are just as soulful and sexy as the bass evokes. You can expect By The River's debut album shortly, for now you can check out their bandcamp

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