Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Track Review: The I.D - Bloodsweat And Honour

The I.D are back from recording with two new singles. One of them is the post-punk spiralling "Bloodsweat& Honour" which we'll be looking at today. When I first heard The I.D three months ago, I was quite surprised at their ability. I'll admit that I wasn't expecting something ground-breaking, original or even good, but I was happily surprised. I was wrong, and Bloodsweat & Honour only enhances their presence in today’s music scene. The quartet still has a long way to go but with three/four solid tracks under their belt, they could easily begin playing the small festival circuit for summer 2013.

The three and a half minute track begins with a gritty two chord guitar. This is followed by a solid vocal and the opening bass riff. The drum pattern begins with light percussion before the lead guitar rips in and the chorus kicks in. Production can be improved only slightly on the drumming because you can actually here some off-beats from time to time, but other than that the recording is terrific. I can’t knock the vocals at all, with the multi-layered deep voice standing up tall with the brilliant lead guitar riff.

This track is an improvement on their first "A Bigger Picture", however I don't think it's quite as strong both lyrically and musically as the powerful "Age Anti Age" that we reviewed back in May. The talent is there and so is the potential, let's wait to see what they put out next.
You can listen to The I.D here.

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