Monday, 22 October 2012

Track Review: Lindstrøm - Rà-àkõ-st

Four years between solo non-collaborative works is certainly one way to address your longing for production and creation on the disco-dance scene. Two albums in 2012 on evaluation, may be to some no less than a God send, especially to the hardcore fanbase of Norwegian producer [Hans-Peter] Lindstrøm. And to coincide with the release of 'Smallhans' - Lindstrøm's follow-up to 'Six Cups Of Rebel' and  his second release of 2012 - the keyboard-abusing complexion of lead single 'Rà-àkõ-st' has made it way into the airwaves. Mixed by fellow countryman Todd Terje, the album is shaping up to be what some may conceive as a return to form. But, as I and a few others may see it, it's a fitting dive nose-first back into the driving rhythm of Lindstrøm's signature straight-to-the-dancefloor hooks and spacious exploratory melodies.

Anyone faint-hearted will find the ride challenging to say the least, as the track opens up immediately with a deep and punchy beat that both throbs and wobbles its way in waves across the dark and weightless void. But soon, like previous outings (and I apologize if you suddenly have the urge to divulge in some ice cream) Lindstrøm elevates the track from off its simple rocky-road of electronic rhythms and out into the swirls and scoops of harmonic synthesizers and glittery disco chimes. All of it sounds modest and emotive; none of it comes across as materialistically cheesy or make-shift genuine. None of that concerning uneasiness over whether Lindstrøm's is taking it seriously or not is evident here. Instead, much like his most earliest recordings a la the 'It's A Feedelity Affair' collection, this sees the Norwegian rediscover his golden touch with the electronic knobs and the padded synthetics of current-gen disco.

And away from the conjured horns and the later billows and break-downs of synths, Lindstrøm still finds it in him to reach the unreachable and capture a sense of escapist voyaging in his body-irratic rhythms and passage of beats over bass over drums. It still holds all the treasured enjoyment of his past discography, and yet it shows a more open and out-reaching aspect to the man's ever-growing branching of distant star-gazing interplanetary electronic music. Give it a listen and try to keep that foot from tapping, I dare you. I double dare you. 'Smallhans' is released on Smalltown Supersound on November 5th.

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