Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Track Review: Novella - Mary's Gun

"Support and celebrate the best music and musicians you can find," said Lee Underwood in our recent interview with Tim Buckley's experienced lead guitarist. That's exactly what I'm doing here, and I will be doing this for many years on grander scales if life goes my way. Novella are a three piece all-female psych/dream-pop/shoegaze/lo-fi whatever genre you want to label them band based in London. They released their debut EP earlier in the year and now they're releasing their second single, "Mary's Gun"; titled after TheShangri-Las vocalist Mary Weiss, there's an interesting story behind this actually. We were told by Novella in September that the new single would be 'a bit different', so let's take a look at what the breadwinners have created for us this time.

This is a side of Novella that we haven’t seen before. It's the same line-up, the same lead guitar intro and guitar layers, but we need to focus on the unprecedented aspects of Mary's Gun. Hollies’ vocal has been effected heavily and it's a little too distant, however the guitars make up for this. The guitar drones that first attracted me to Novella are present. Beyond the psychedelic drones and the magnificent electric sound, Novella has come up with something different to their norm. They have expanded and with this, they have climbed closer to their debut album.

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