Monday, 8 October 2012

Track Review: Palma Violets - Best of Friends

Palma Violets are an up and coming indie rock four piece from the London borough of Lambeth. I use the term indie rock lightly because the genre is now known for its Oasis-rip off which in turn is a Beatles/Who/Kinks/Roses-rip off. This makes British rock look bad and Palma Violets fit nicely in with the other fake dirty Londoners, The Vaccines. This needs to be short and snappy because a band with one single doesn't deserve... The front cover of NME. All hype aside, Palma Violets are somewhere between The Clash and The Vaccines. This comparison to The Libertines has been blown way out of proportion. They're from London, they wear fancy clothes and they play indie rock; they don't need to be compared to The Libertines.

There are many terms knocking about in my head right now that could be used to define Palma Violets debut single "Best of Friends". To name a few: Unoriginal, average, bland, counterfeit, predictable, overrated and aged. Above all is the lack of innovation, which is arguably the most important aspect of an up and coming band. There's nothing worse than an artist that sounds like several other artists, but offers nothing new to the table. 

Best of Friends is an unforgettable track. The guitar work is rather enjoyable and It's the chorus with the refrain friend-zone lyrics that excite the listener. This track may sound catchy, the production may be of quality but it's incredibly average. The guitar work isn't special, all modern indie bands that whore the reverb pedal need a good whipping to be honest. I'm looking forward to listening to more tracks by Palma Violets because I don't think they can cut it. There's nothing in this three minute single that tells me they're special. They're just not different, and for that their debut album should comically and quite applicably be titled What Didn't You Expect From Palma Violets?


  1. hi eddie. you suck at writing words. oh, and "somewhere between clash/vaccines": so is kylie minogue you knob. Saw Palma Violets live. Rock n roll. Fuck off.

  2. Kylie Minogue is somewhere between The Clash & The Vaccines?? What world are you living in! Come back and complain when you actually have a case other than ‘you suck for writing a negative review’.

  3. Hi eddie. You dont suck for writing a negative review, just for having the arrogance to publish a negative review sans intelligence, with irrelevant wrong headed objections, ("fancy clothes")???. This was more intelligent: Chronologically, Kylie is somewhere between the Clash & the Vaccines, otherwise her music is alien to each of those bands, as are the Palma Violets. Apart from the tres tenuous 'punk' connection where are the Clash ska, reggae, dub, rockabilly influences apparent on 'Best of Friends', 'Last of the Summer Wine' or 'Step up for the Cool Cats'? Where is the Vaccines stoopid slick pop production and cynicism? Live, I saw a group of guys playing rocknroll, inviting us to the party, no guest list. The album, like the live band is loose, as it fucking should be. Clash, Vaccines? No. Doors, Stooges, MC5, Cramps, perhaps. But who gives a shit if it rocks.

  4. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. What I meant by 'between The Clash & The Vaccines' is in terms of sound. I thought that was pretty obvious to be honest.. I wouldn't say they sound like The Stooges or The Doors, god no.. But you've seen them live, so I guess the album may surprise me. I just don't think they're all that and a bag of potato chips. And the clothes reference is to them being compared to The Libertines. Glad you noted my arrogance though, thanks.