Saturday, 10 November 2012

Beacon - For Now

Beacon's second EP is an ethereal listen, ideal for the cold months. The duo comprises of Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett of New York City. They are signed to a prestigious electronic label known for Com Truise, Matthew Dear and Gold Panda - Ghostly International. Instead of straight-forward electronic music with the common features, Beacon, like many other artists attempting to make an impact, try and sound different.

It's important to stand out from the crowd when you're starting to find your feet. For instance, there's no point making several ambient recordings and adding reverb, it may sound great at the time, but that's what Brian Eno et al are for, it's the electronic artist’s job to deliver compositions, and that's exactly what Beacon do with the track It Won't Be Long. There's a heavy bass pattern which transforms into an eerie three and a half minute piece of soulful electronic music. 

For Now is the kind of release that grows with patience. It's not music for a DJ set, instead it’s the sound of the seafront. The dark sky brings a cold breeze, however the moonlight adds to the romanticism. Feeling's Gone is a track I would listen to whilst lying on a beach in the setting I described above. The simplistic synthesizer riff awakens the listener into a world, like Danny Boyle's The Beach. The RnB vocals are effective and put good effects to use. Nothing quite beats a good electronic piece with distorted segments and heavily reverberated melodies criss-crossing the track through production. 

The bass beats are incredibly heavy, like the hard hitting bass thumps on Into The Night and the opening five seconds of It Won't Be Long. It's an exhausting feature, but it's needed when the genre heavily relies on a bass rhythm. Safety's Off has moments of brilliance, I’m just not feeling the chorus and the tracks structure. Give us something more Beacon, minimal music needs to have its calling card. Right at the heart of the EP is Pulse, one of the weaker tracks on the EP. The delay is being overused and the beat sounds too laid back compared to the bass.

Beacon's EP is out on Ghostly International and I'm sure it won't be long before a debut album is announced. Ignore all post-dubstep labels, Beacon are quite simply electronic artists with soulful and melodic touches.

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