Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Interview: Access To Arasaka

American IDM and Glitch producer Access to Arasaka (a name he derived from the Cyberpunk card game Netrunner) has had an impressive career so far. With three incredibly complex and emotive albums under his belt and a number of EP's, he is taking the electronic underground scene by storm. We caught up with him to talk about his narrative driven instrumental music and how his passion for Cyberpunk literature influences him and his music. Access to Arasaka is complex, dark and evocative music for the man/woman of the future.


  1. How fitting that I listen to him mostly when reading SciFi books :)
    Absolute fantastic music, keep going!!

  2. He just forgot to mention about the "Tiesto Samples Pack" he uses to construct their tracks. :)

  3. Thanks. Check my interview with Rob which I made in 2009 http://www.arrhythmiasound.com/interview/interview-access-to-arasaka.html#english