Sunday, 4 November 2012

The News: MOBO Awards

Emeli Sande wins three Mobo Awards, whilst Plan B wins two. Why does this matter? It doesn’t. Then what's the point of posting this? Because MOBO Awards are unintentionally sparking a racially fuelled Twitter war. It's not hard to see why this annual award ceremony is hindered by controversy. The title 'Music of Black Origin' is enough to make me rage. We mustn't jump then gun though, because what does this award actually mean.

Our good friend Wikipedia has it down as 'recognising artists of any ethnicity or nationality performing black music'. Now that's fine in itself, isn't it guys? It's an awards ceremony for artists that perform black music. Wait, what? 'Black music'. First off, let's define what black music is. Essentially its music that was formed/inspired/performed by black artists. Bare that in mind when thinking about these awards, because pretty much every artist is somehow influenced / successors of black artists. Rock and roll, blues, jazz, Reggae, hip-hop and pop are just some of the basic genres that are of black origin, so the fact this award even exists is bemusing. Punk formed out of garage rock which formed out of rock and roll. It's a never ending cycle, so why should there be an award for artists that are of any colour, but who's music date back to black origins. 

To put this into perspective, imagine if there's a MOWO awards for artists of any colour who perform music of white origin. There wouldn’t be, because it would be considered racist by many, including myself. MOBO's shouldn’t exist because they're showing a divide between black and white. The award is not needed because most people know that the music most people listen to, originated by black artists. And this doesn’t matter at all. Why should it matter where the music originated and by who? It's promoting racism, not tackling or raising equality. This award is the complete opposite. People don't understand why white people are nominated for a MOBO, because of the title. It's because their music originated by blacks, but so did so many artists. How can you single out artists for this award? Well you can't. It's wrong, it's sad, it's killing music and killing equality. Don't feed it, kill it.

In other news, MRD Awards are coming soon! Where we name-drop artists that deserve our written award for being great artists.
~Eddie (member of black origin, like you)

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