Thursday, 22 November 2012

Track Review: 39th & The Nortons - Don't Look Back

39 & The Nortons is the pseudonym for Paris based 60s fanatics Nick Wheeldon and friends. There's been a recent surge of 60s-esque garage rock/surf rock/indie rock artists, and 39th & The Nortons add to the long list of artists that put listeners back into the days of exquisite wax. Just like The People's Temple and Allah-Las, 39 & The Nortons combine psychedelic rock with low fidelity and garage rock. Don't Look Back is the third track off On Trial, 39th & The Nortons debut album.

We have a harmonica, dense bass, Daniel Johnston like drumming and guitar/vocals by a frontman that seems to be, the man. It's no Painter Man or Making Time, but it does the job. The distorted vocals are one of the key features on this track. There's a variety of instruments and structures, pretty good for a one man band style of recording. You can check out 39th & The Nortons debut album on their bandcamp.

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