Thursday, 1 November 2012

Track Review: Doldrums - She Is The Wave

I've been tracking Canadian glitch/electronic artist Doldrums for quite some time now. When Grimes emerged as Canada's next big thing, all eyes were focussed on what Canada would provide next. Well if everything goes to plan, Doldrums will be lighting up the small venues around the world on the back of an eclectic debut album of sample heavy glitch music. We've already seen two Doldrums tracks from earlier in the year, "Egypt" and "Jump Up". Both tracks were taken from his EP Egypt.

"She Is The Wave" comes as a pleasant surprise to Doldrums already spectacular discography. It features new kid on the block Guy Dallas, another up and coming electronic Canadian artist. The glitch noises are enticing and the falsetto vocal asks the question to whether or not this is really Airick Woodhead (Doldrums), or the manipulation of a female vocal. I can tell you that this is all Woodhead. If I was given one word to describe Doldrums, it would be Chaotic. The bass beat is heavy to the point that windows begin to vibrate. Soundscapes and synthesizer loops are utterly astonishing when matched with Woodhead’s vocal. It's three minutes long, sounding as short as a punk rock B-side. 

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