Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Track Review: Guards - Coming True

Does anyone remember that little indie pop / indie rock phase in 2010/11? No? I don't either. That's because the few artists that released material in the 'buzz' category are highly forgettable, and unapologetically... So were their albums. One of these bands was Cults, anyone remember them? Yeah I reviewed their debut album. You may be able to work out whether it was a positive or negative review just by reading this paragraph. Well Guards is the project of Richie Follin, the brother of Madeline Follin, not that it matters in the slightest. Guards release their debut album In Guards We Trust next February; Coming True is the first single.

Coming True is a sort of lost track, considering it could fall into a whole field of genres. It's not so much a hybrid as it is a unique avant-garde track. Guards released a lo-fi sounding EP and single in 2011, and the loss of lo-fi could very well be the loss for Guards. The gimmick lo-fi of Cults killed them before they even got started, so it will be interesting to see Guards go in the opposite direction. This track isn't an indie rock track as such, but it certainly sways in favour of indie rock. Guards will no doubt be a reasonable opposition to the hype-machine fuelled music of London's Palma Violets.