Thursday, 1 November 2012

Track Review: Guy Dallas - Understand

Guy Dallas is an electronic/dance artist from Toronto, Canada. Dallas' Tumblr describes his sound as 'dance music from the northern underground'. It’s a fitting description given the nature of his recordings. You may have heard Dallas' remix of Little Girls "Nights Out", which was released on an EP in 2011. Previous to this, Dallas released a six track EP/album titled Godverdomm. This short recording was full of glitch recordings and cuts that reminds the listener of native Canadian Daniel Snaith, otherwise known as Caribou.

Various Guy Dallas tracks are available, such as this distorted synth piece from Godverdomm, "Nikmah". Dallas collaborated with current Canadian hype artist Doldrums on their latest single "She Is The Wave”. He also has three ambient-like electronica recordings on his YouTube which can be found here. He has recently put out two new tracks, one if which we're looking at today.

"Understand" opens in a typical Fatboy Slim-esque style. The vocal samples have been looped, pitch shifted and prepared. The following bass beat is enormous and soon, the whole track erupts into a powerful track reputable enough for a 4am rave in the deep depths of the Canadian underground music scene. There's not a lot here in terms of variety, however It's a brilliant piece of dance music. It does lack in variants and build-ups, which is fully understandable considering the style of music. 

Guy Dallas has built a moderate repertoire of remixes and collaborations with (what I would consider) big names in the Canadian music scene. He's certainly under-listened, when looking at his page it reveals a low 47 listeners. Please checkout Guy Dallas’ Soundcloud for two of his recent recordings.

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