Saturday, 17 November 2012

Track Review: Shaka Ponk - My Name Is Stain

French electro-rock artists Shaka Ponk released their third album The Geeks and The Jerkin's Socks late last year. The highlight to the album was the fun-filled single "My Name Is Stain" which has gathered praise and views from all over the world with seven million views on YouTube. Shaka Ponk is a funk / rock / electro hybrid, taking the French music scene by storm with their energy and monkey-related performances.

The track features a dominant reggae-esque guitar, with funk bass and electronic drum beats. It's a catchy three and a half minute single with a psychedelic guitar segment half-way through. It's not exactly Gotye so don't expect to see Shaka Ponk top the UK chart system. On paper, the actual lyrical content is atrocious. There must be a deeper meaning to the lyrics, otherwise the fourth verse with the lyric: "The guy next door is such a whore. The food I eat is poison or I eat no food cause I can't find a store," will go down as the worst in history. "My Name Is Stain" is catchy, bold and evocative. The instrumental holds the track together because the lyrics are generally poor. Other tracks such as "Run Run Run" have better lyrical representation. 

You can catch Shaka Ponk at Scala in London on December 3.