Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Track Review: Steffi Thiel - Hello Tangerine

Hello Tangerine is the ninth track taken from Steffi Thiel's singer-songwriter debut Late But Never. The album is a collaboration between Thiel and her husband Michael Cashmore. You may recognise the name Michael Cashmore, if I was to mention the genre 'apocalyptic folk', you may have an idea as to where his origins lie... Yes, Current 93. Late But Never is on David Tibet's books at Coptic Cat Records, Tibet being Current 93's frontman, with Cashmore being lead guitarist for Current 93 past 30 years. Hello Tangerine is a track that caught my ear after several listens to Late But Never, have a listen.

There's nothing wrong with Late But Never, however I feel that there's two to three standout tracks that deserve a mention as opposed to a full album review. Hello Tangerine is a beautiful three minute folk piece with organs, Cashmore's guitar and Thiel's childlike vocals. It's hard to criticise such beauty, so I'll leave you with Hello Tangerine; just make sure you check out the rest of the album.


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