Saturday, 10 November 2012

Track Review: Vondelpark - Dracula

When a release is suddenly revealed, I change from being a well-mannered young adult from the middle of England, to a seven year old on Christmas Eve. Vondelpark will be releasing their debut album early next year, Dracula is the first track to drop. Since seeing Vondelpark live in December 2011, I purchased their EP nyc stuff and nyc bags and I've never looked back. Their take on soulful electronic music underlines the magnificent rise of James Blake. Their EP and this new track are echoed across the sea with the new wave of RnB artists like Frank Ocean and The Weeknd.

Vondelpark have always been artists of soundscapes, ambience and reverberation. Dracula features crucial Vondelpark instrumentation. Hazy whispered vocals can be heard in full effect with layers upon layers of reverb. The track is a light and breezy welcome to Vondelpark's debut album. It flows easily and is a fitting soundtrack to the cold months ahead.

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