Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Green Day - ¡Dos!

After Green Day's shameful ninth studio album Uno! ¡Dos! was always going to be a tricky one to approach. It's the second album in the trilogy and the 'garage rock' album out of the trilogy. I'd like to mention my distaste for this genre specific Green Day has taken on. They have approached this in a different, but embarrassing fashion. The music isn't far from embarrassing either...

I'm a huge fan of garage rock, so when I read ¡Dos! would have a garage rock style, I couldn’t help but shudder. It's like having your Dad start listening to Animal Collective, it just doesn’t happen... But when it does, you don't know whether to congratulate him for his new found taste, or hate him for ruining one of your favourite bands (my Dad doesn’t know of AnCo, he's more of a Lou Reed man.) So what does this all mean? It means that ¡Dos! is just as dull, repetitive and bland as Uno! It's expected really when considering the time-frame these songs were written/recorded and produced. This isn't The Fall, although Green Day are half of John Peel's The Fall description: "They are always different, they are always the same."

Whilst we're on the topic of John Peel, I wonder what he thought of Green Day. I'm pretty sure they never attended a Peel Session. I'm glad artists like Half Japanese, Galaxie 500, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Mercury Rev have had the pleasure of appearing on a Peel session and Green Day have not. I'm really not going anywhere with this, I just want you to know that Green Day's ¡Dos! is incredibly dull. It's like I have to purposely listen to older Green Day to get away from listening to these awful tracks.

See You Tonight opens the album. Imagine giving Simon & Garfunkel an amplifier with all the vocal effects at their disposal, you better believe it. Fuck Time is the worst track I’ve heard all year, you heard it here first. The most obnoxious track of the year comes from Green Day and not Katy Perry. I feel as if Green Day has become the butt of all my jokes these days. It's just really hard to ignore the lack of quality when listening to Green Day. First of all, where the fuck is the garage rock? Second, what the fuck is this bland rock music? And finally... Thirdly, Why has this album been exposed to me?

Stop When The Red Lights Flash salvages the album from getting a record low score for Music Review Database. This track isn't garage rock like it may sound, it's more punk. Actually, it's the most punk Green Day have been in several years. The riffs are good enough, the effects aren’t as in your face and repetitious as usual and Armstrong actually delivers a decent vocal for once. it's a shame the rest of the album couldn’t have been more like this. ¡Dos! is filled with, filler. These tracks don't take off at all. There's no passion, no energy and certainly no quality in tracks like Wild One and Nightlife. Don't even get me started on the Amy Winehouse tribute, Amy. Now that, that's hell right there. Stray Heart has a very familiar bass riff, just like most of Green Day's songs. I'm not a fan of repetition unless it's done purposely and well. Green Day are the pinnacle of repetitious rock music

Ashley is over before it even begins and Baby Eyes is an example of a band scraping for inspiration. It's actually hard to find the inspiration for most of these tracks (and albums...) Green Day have excelled in my eyes in being one of the best punk rock single bands that have managed to release one or two decent singles per album which fans can latch themselves on to. ¡Dos! doesn’t have that track, nor did Uno! but it at least had... I'm lost for words.


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