Friday, 14 December 2012

Track Review: Yo La Tengo - Ohm

Yo La Tengo will never learn how to disappoint  fans: "But nothing ever stays the same. Nothing’s explained," sings Ira Kaplan, kicking off Yo La Tengo's 13th studio album in style. He's right, isn't he... It's been 26 years since Yo La Tengo's debut album Fade The Riger was released and it can't be explained how a band of such simplicity and cult status has survived right to this day. Or can it? The New Jersey trio are back in our lives and this time, they're here to stay.

Now I can't give you Ohm, the opening track from Yo La Tengo's stellar new album Fade, but I can describe it to you, and maybe one day soon they'll provide us with a YouTube link. Jesus, I'm starting to sound like a PR publicist of some sort. IF YOU LIKE ALTERNATIVE ROCK, THEN YOU'LL LOVE THIS MAGNIFICENT GEM FROM AMERICA'S FINEST YO LA TENGO. Well, if you do! like alternative rock, then you will! love this magnificent gem from America's finest Yo La Tengo. 

The drum pattern is steady, lots of shakers and plenty of bass drum beats for a jive. The electric guitar sits primarily on the left of the speaker, in traditional Yo La Tengo distorted style. Like many tracks on Fade, Ohm utilises a repetitious rhythm, however unlike the rest of the album which is predominantly sung by either Kaplin's quiet voice or Georgia Hubley's stark but sweet voice, Ohm is sung by the couple together with slight reverberation adding just enough studio effects to create the right atmosphere. Ohm is just the starter, we've already looked at Before We Run, and that was the icing on the cake. You now have to wait for the main course, but leave the restaurant because January is only round the corner... It's about to get icy.

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