Monday, 21 January 2013

Discovery: By The Rivers - Take Control

Ever since their emergence in mid-2010, By The Rivers have been recording and touring. Leicester's very own reggae six piece performed as a supporting act for The Specials on their late 2011 tour. They released (in physical format and on bandcamp) two very successful EP's, simply titled EP1 and EP2. Another two successful singles have paved the way for what is essentially the best By The Rivers track to date. It's almost been a year since questioning lead vocalist and guitarist Nile Barrow, back then it was clear what the bands intentions were for the near future. By The Rivers are living in the present and right here, right now, they're one of the highlight of Leicester's musical output.

"Take Control" was one of By The Rivers first recorded and performed tracks, featuring on their second EP. After much deliberation it's finally making its way out as a single. We've already heard "One Word" and "Don't Say You Love Me", "Take Control" is a little different, a little edgier. The instrumental has the best produced sound to date, featuring high quality bass guitar, reverberated electric guitar, Jordan Birtles talented percussion and the most refined saxophone and trumpet work to date. "Take Control" is a sharp contrast to the bands earlier poppy single "One Word". This is a relaxing track with relevant lyrics. Barrow sings: "Who needs Labour and Tories? When we have our own mind." The lyrics are outlined instantaneously with the first lyric: "Hold your own or be owned, by the higher authority." These lyrics are rebellious, relevant and above all meaningful to their intended target audience. In a youth's eyes, there's something wrong with society, and this is the song to 'look for answers'.
~Eddie Gibson


  1. I LOVE this band seen them live 3 times each time theyve been amazing, the best English reggae band since steel pulse