Saturday, 19 January 2013

Discovery: Coral Kiwi - Damaged Ships

Coral Kiwi are an Italian four piece from Bari. They formed in September of last year, releasing two EP's. The second EP My Room EP features the delicate post rock-esque "Damaged Ships". Italian rock is somewhat of a niche in European music. Exquisite rock critic Pierro Scaruffi actually has reviews and recommendations purely based on Italian rock. This is in fact, the first Italian rock band I've heard, and they're quite impressive. After a few months of blending together, Coral Kiwi have released an EP of inexpensive production, rough rock music and reverberated hazy vocals.

"Damaged Ships" begins with a bass / guitar riff which is played from start to finish. The percussion hits hard as the bass literally creates an absolute racket from time to time. There is energy in the drumming and the vocals, as hazy as they are, sound brilliant. The effects are at the right level and the guitar work brings artists like Deerhunter, Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky to mind. This is the route Coral Kiwi are going down, and it's the root they want.