Monday, 21 January 2013

Discovery: Crywank - Notches + I'm a Cliché

Crywank is the pseudonym of Manchester based singer-songwriter James Clayton, but you already knew that. After releasing his sophomore album in 2012, Crywank has embarked on a small European tour. To back this tour, he released an 11 track tour demo album. It features re-worked versions of previous tracks with additional percussion. Then there are the new tracks which may or may not appear on Crywank's upcoming third album later in the year. Both "Notches" and "I'm a Cliché" caught my ears on the first listen. "Notches" for its flawless guitar sound and percussion. Clayton delivers one of his typical vocals with lyrics revealing an even deeper and sadder James Clayton. If "Welcome To Castle Irwell" was his break-up, get back song... Then "I'm a Cliché" is his realisation and acknowledgment of his basic instrumentation and music skill. His cynicism is arguably stronger than tracks from his sophomore album.

"Notches", as seen above, is one of Crywank's strongest tracks to date. Although the same three chord structures being utilised, it never quite gets old. This repetitious is re-lived in the track "I'm a Cliché". It follows a basic three chord pattern, with a simplistic percussion. Clayton sings with honesty and conviction, singing: "Haven’t you heard this one before, some person being sad over three fucking chords." Clayton understands his genre and his musical ability, that's what makes "I'm a Cliché" such a spectacular track. You can see Crywank on one of his many European dates, I recommend liking his Facebook for info.

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