Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Discovery: Oyama - Everything Some of The Time

Oyama are an Icelandic rock five piece from capital city Reykjavik. Now that sentence would be enough to make you listen to Oyama, just mentioning Iceland seems to create a buzz. Their debut EP I Wanna is out now exclusively on Iceland based online music store Gogoyoko. You won't see Gogoyoko going out of business any time soon that's for sure (I hope). Oyama are one of many exquisite Icelandic bands to come out of the Icelandic music scene in recent years. Just last year we saw Samaris leave an impression on music listeners over the world. I Wanna is a very loud EP, with Oyama taking a guitar driven approach opposed to the synthesizers that seem to be the instrument of choice in many bands these days.

"Everything Some of The Time” is the standout track on the EP. The bass pattern is persistently recognisable and individualistic compared to many bass riffs in rock music. The percussion is also separated from the track, as is the light synthesizer work and the loud, aggressive guitars that come after the melodic vocals. Sound wise, the track has a Mogwai-esque loud / quiet arrangement. The structure is fantastic and the shoegaze like sounds on the vocal-less chorus are interesting to say the least. It's not often a quiet / loud band with both indie rock and shoegaze influences manages to fuse instrumentation, vocals and structure in one track. 

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