Sunday, 6 January 2013

Track Review: Beach Fossils - Taking Off

When Beach Fossils front man Dustin Payseur recorded and released his first album under the name Beach Fossils, you wouldn't be wrong in thinking what possessed him to release such low-fidelity driven rock. Two years later and Beach Fossils is no longer a one man recording project like Tame Impala, Payseur has three others to work with. The outcome of this is a sophomore album welcomed by the post-punk / dream pop elite. The lo-fi production has been scrapped for a well polished sound, reminiscent of Joy Division's debut album but with the garage rock tendencies of Deerhunter. 'Taking Off' is just one of the many enjoyable tracks on Beach Fossils sophomore album.

The guitars are covered with effects and layers with Payseur sounding in tune and in his zone. 'Taking Off' finds itself slap bang in the middle of Clash The Truth, and it's where the magic happens. In the opening 30 seconds, a light bass riff is accompanied by a catchy guitar riff with a similar riff played lower down layered on top. I've singled out 'Taking Off' for this track review because it includes all the ingredients of Beach Fossils sophomore album. You'll have to wait for the album to come out or for the raving reviews to start flooding in. It's time to get excited for Clash The Truth.

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