Monday, 7 January 2013

Track Review: Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up To Dry

Hang Me Up to Dry is the most successful single by Long Beach based indie rock band Cold War Kids. Though this track was released on their 2006 album Robbers & Cowards, many people can still enjoy the occasional radio replay of this song whilst driving to school or Wal-Mart.  Though it is a relatively oldie, especially based on pop radio standards, it is still a goodie. 

The memorable and infectious riff that repeats throughout the track truly ties the song together and makes it great.  This is the defining feature that keeps the song stuck in your head forever, but is also a curse if it is overplayed.  The simplicity of the repeating riff also helps the simple yet catchy lyrics break through.

Hang me up to dry is easily the sexiest song about laundry ever written.  It is all about getting dirty, taking off your clothes, then washing them together which is an analogy for sex, saying: “all mixed up in the wash, hot water bleeding our colours.”  Hot! Some also may interpret this song as the singer being used by a girl, saying: “you’ve rung me out too, too, too many times.”

Overall, this song is super simple, fun, and a great radio hit.  It really stands out among other songs with radio success because of its bluesy and indie feel. It has the ability to appeal to both the pop audience and an indie rock audience. Hang Me Up to Dry’s versatility and large audience helped put Cold War Kids on the mainstream map.

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