Thursday, 17 January 2013

Track Review: Four Tet - 0181

Kieran Hebden may have been surprised with the reaction to his uploading of rarities collection "0181", which is an accumulation of several tracks Hebden created between 1997 and 2001. Four Tet, as he's more commonly known, hasn't released such lengthy material since last year’s single collection Pink. If compilations could make it on to my end of year lists, then Pink definitely would have been one of the top 20. It's almost been three years since Four Tet released his fifth studio album There Is Love In You, hopefully we won't have to wait another three years. Although I'm sure I'm not the only one that has the patience to wait.
"0181" isn't specifically a single track; however Hebden has rejected proposals for a track listing and insists it's kept as a single track. This means we have 40 minutes of new (old) Four Tet material at our disposal in a single track. I'll let you decide which individual segments are the most exciting, but I’m picking out my favourite moments. At 5:00 you will hear Four Tet's guitar work looped and affected to sit above its beat, then an achingly good beat at 10:00 which utilised soundscapes. We have a hard hitting bass at 17:20, a jazz section at 15:00 and horn at 22:00. My favourite moment comes at 27:35, where the hip-hop like beat mixes with the abrasive percussion and another one of Four Tet's acoustic guitar pieces.

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