Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Track Review: Iceage - Coalition

Iceage released their debut album New Brigade in 2011. It's strangely taken them two years to complete and release their sophomore album You're Nothing, due for release in February. I say this because their debut only lasted 24 minutes and punk rock is renowned for its quick fire releases. Outsiders may be unaware that Iceage are in fact Danish, even if they sound as English as The Clash listening to Goat by The Jesus Lizard.

'Coalition' is the intense second track taken from You're Nothing, the first Iceage track to surface. Now its no 'White Rune' or 'Remember', but the characteristics of New Brigade return in a new melodic form. Instead of the dark, gritty textures expressed on New Brigade, 'Coalition’ and no doubt the rest of You're Nothing will harness the beauty of melodic punk rock. The noise level is phenomenal and the guitar screeching is an additional bonus to the track. Iceage manage to cram a whole lot of noise in to such a short track.
~Eddie Gibson