Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Track Review: Suede - Barriers

In 2011, Suede topped my list of 'worst comeback bands seen live', for a dreadful performance on a dreary Sunday in Suffolk. In football terms, Suede is the Arsenal of the Premier League. Blur and Oasis usually fight it out, with Pulp usually ending up third, but to some, finish on top. Now that might sound confusing to you, but trust me... It works, Suede are a top four britpop band. And with Oasis thankfully dead and buried and Blur still wondering whether or not to release an album, Suede are the first to jump and will deliver their sixth album in March.

'Barriers' isn't a single, but has all the characteristics of a britpop single. Though britpop is dead, British rock music still lives on and Suede will aim to force their way back into people’s minds when their album drops in March. It's not often a comeback is successful, with many, many, many examples of failed comebacks readily available for you to mock on YouTube. However 'Barriers' doesn't fit into this category, because it's actually pretty good... Brett Anderson is back.

Lead guitarist Richard Oakes is back on form with the guitar work on 'Barriers'. He once split minds as he delivered the gritty riff on 1996s 'Beautiful Ones'. Anderson has a tiny bit of delay applied to his voice on the verse and reverb for the chorus. The drumming is a focus for this track, and has been for much of Suede's career. I've often found myself spending hours listening to Suede just for the drumming. Again, 1996s 'Filmstar' had an achingly beautiful percussion. Suede are not the same cute British rock / pop band that they were in the 90s. Time has changed and with this new track it seems Suede have adapted to suit modern times and modern music. The synthesizers are minimal but present. The effects are all in place and the production is typical Suede. Their sixth album (yes they only have five albums, I know!) is due for release in March.

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