Monday, 11 February 2013

Discovery: 7bit Hero - Come on. Stand out.

What do Anamanaguchi and Crystal Castles have in common? Not a lot really, but on paper they both came out of the chiptune genre with something more than just 8-bit. 7bit Hero also wants to rise up out of the chiptune scene, and they sound like it too. They're made up of Hans Van Vliet, drummer Richie Young, bassist Phil Evans, coder Daniel Krenn, visual artist Jaymis Loveday and sound producer Scott Mullane. 7bit Hero is more of a digital experiment than a band, but the music tells a different story.  The six piece are from the Brisbane area of Australia, being on SGC Media's mailing list has its benefits after all...

"Come on. Stand Out." is accompanied with this minecraft-esque video and a love for beez. 7bit Hero are crazily spectacular in performance as well as song. This track is taken from their EP We Eat Loot, released yesterday, or today depending on where you are in the world. Like The Go! Team, 7bit Hero patch samples and beats together to create an indie pop / alternative dance atmosphere, without the guitars of course. These Australians are very much an 8-bit, pop, electronic group having fun with nostalgia. The track is a joy to listen to and the hook never bores. It's an interesting listen if you're a fan of 8-bit / chiptune with just a bit more style and personality.

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