Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Discovery: AlunaGeorge - Attracting Flies

AlunaGeorge were first exposed to the masses last year with "After Light", a single by Scottish producer Rustie. The duo has since released two singles taken from their debut album Body Music, expected to hit the shelves this July. "Attracting Flies" is the electro pop duo's third single, also on Body Music. One can only assume how strong their debut album must be if they've already released three singles from it. They have a BRIT nominee and a BBC Sound of runner-up medal already under their belt. What this actually means is: popular, mainstream, exposure, hype and advertising. Better known as Radio One syndrome. For the purpose of AlunaGeorge's awaited steady climb, we've slapped the discovery tag on them. Because if you haven’t heard the London duo's music yet, now's the time. R&B / soul / electronic is the tri-genre that has been taking over, and there’s no debate as to whether or not AlunaGeorge can hack the hype, they won't have a choice come summer.

Vocalist Aluna Francis has the same vocal expression as Kelis, Erykah Badu - basically all the female neo-soul vocalists. She has a grime / hip-hop voice, the same type of vocal people will remember from cheesy 00s chart hits like Platnum and Booty Luv. The difference between these Saturday night dance tunes and Francis is George Reid's instrumentation. Influenced by electronic / hip-hop producer Flying Lotus, Reid creates R&B instrumentals with synth hooks, minimal beats and structure for Francis to complete. 

"Attracting Flies" is miles away from previous single "Your Drums, Your Love". This had a James Blake electronic / garage style, with the chorus acceptable of 18:00 Radio One airplay and onwards. With "Attracting Flies", AlunaGeorge are telling us that they're more than a one trick pony. The three minute track becomes an instantly addictive single. Body Music will be an intriguing album; we will hear what AlunaGeorge can give with their debut album. "Attracting Flies" is a good sign, I’m 90% positive this song will be used for advertisements for Next, Debenhams etc... It will certainly be used as in-store music because this is the kind of music that encourages shoppers. Just a little bit of advice there for you clothes retailers.

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