Sunday, 17 February 2013

Discovery: Anna Broughton - Cup of Tea

Ontsofa is becoming somewhat of a second home on my Firefox these days. After finding Ellie Jamison, my hopes and dreams of finding the next interesting artist came to a holt, and that's even before coming across Jamison. A friend of mine sent me a link of Anna Broughton performing her song "Cup of Tea", and strangely enough it was ontsofa's doing. Thank you to the guys over at ontsofa for doing a splendid job of giving artists a chance in an industry led by money hoarders. Broughton like Jamison isn't a standard average folk / singer-songwriter - give her a listen.

Broughton (who goes by the name Anna B) is just 15 years old and already has a developed voice of maturity. Her songs on her YouTube channel are similar in style, with additional guitar and vocals by none other than Bruce Welch OBE of The Shadows. Yes, Bruce Welch who has an OBE, of Cliff Richard & The Shadows. It's incredible to hear such talent at a young age, and it's been rewarded with this performance with the ontsofa team. "Cup of Tea" is different to her first song "Perfect Girl". Broughton is a skilful guitarist and a talented song writer. This song isn't a sad song at all, it's more than happy. She sings of a sweet relationship which is positive, a clear connotation to deep love 'he's / she's the one' and all that stuff. 

The structure is spectacular and features Broughton perform an outstanding chorus, where she sings: "All the stars in the sky, and the bird flying high, all the wind in the trees, all the kings and the queens, all the cracks and the plaster, all forever after, all of the disasters, and all of them all does mean; absolutely nothing, cause to me, you're just my cup of tea." It's a song of appreciation, love, desire and peace. Broughton nails the vocal, and the guitar takes care of itself. The final third has Broughton using a pick, adding volume and effect for the closing segment. If Broughton can get this song recorded in a studio and backed by an independent record label, then she can go far. Keep your eyes peeled.

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