Sunday, 10 February 2013

Discovery: Modern Humanist - Daze

Richard Autry is the pseudonym of Washington DC turned Nagoya, Japan modern disco / soul / electronic artist Modern Humanist. He released his debut album Nagoya in 2012 and that's available for free on Autry's bandcamp. Autry describes his work as 80s influenced electronic and disco, it's not hard to see how he's self-described his sound. With the 10s already producing quality R&B artists, it won't be long till a worldwide following of nostalgic instrumentation makes a comeback, and Modern Humanist is no different to the funk loving sounds of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti. Sure, different genres and different setup's, but the deep underlining influences are similar. Before releasing Nogoya, Modern Humanist released an EP titled Kill Yall Later in 2011. It’s the kind of music that you would expect to hear on the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack. Sometimes music should be left where it is, and 80s dance music is one of the periods, or movements, that separate the lovers from the haters. Modern Humanist is obviously a fan of the 80s dance, the electronic movement that followed and modern R&B from artists like Frank Ocean, who also puts nostalgia at the heart of his sound.

"Daze" was released in January and represents the growing influences on Autry. 80s dance has been matched by modern electronica and soul / R&B of James Blake and co. The vocals have been heavily effected and work with the aggressive and gritty synthesizer that rips through the track. This is very much an electronic track in the style of Jamie Lidell. Autry has his sound outlined in "Daze". It's a deeper, heavier and darker track than anything on his debut Nogoya. We will see how Modern Humanist continues to develop in 2013 as the R&B artists of USA and Europe make their final push on the mainstream. This genre of music is consistently evolving, and Modern Humanist will evolve with it.

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