Friday, 1 February 2013

Discovery: Verzo - Fortune Teller

Verzo is the pseudonym of British electronic beat maker Steve Roe, a student of the music art form and a producer of analytic concepts. Roe's musical journey began one year ago when he uploaded a trilogy of ambient and glitch tracks, titled War of The Worlds. Samples of the War of The Worlds original radio broadcast were used in sync with deep bass, Aphex Twin like glitch and captivating progressions. Verzo's early work shows off great conceptual ideas and imaginative instrumentals of the electronic persuasion. Then Verzo entered a dubstep period, to which he released a dark track reminiscent of dubstep's early days in South London with Digital Mystikz on the tip of the tongue.

"Fortune Teller" is just one of many instrumental hip-hop beats Verzo has come out with in recent months. Verzo aspires to be among the greats, Flying Lotus, DJ Shadow and J Dilla. "Fortune Teller" sounds like it would find its place on an album by The Roots. You can hear the similarities to Nosaj Thing in the atmosphere, production quality and the way samples have been patched together. Verzo is part of the rising beat makers Fly By Night Collective and he will be releasing a mixtape titled F.T.T.K in the coming months.

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