Friday, 1 February 2013

Pop Corner: Aiden Grimshaw - Nothing At All

Now that's a name you may remember, Aiden Grimshaw. He's an XFactor 2010 contestrent who fiished ninth, three places behind the awful Wagner and five places behind the pittiful  Cher Lloyd. Six places behind the biggest group of boys in America, One Direction. No wonder Grimshaw isn't in the public eye after being placed embarassingly behind these manufactured pop artists that fill our heads with complete deivel on a monthly basis.There's something quite contradistinctive about Grimshaw as a vocalist, song-writer and as a person. It's not that he can be seperated from the pack, because he still wenrt on XFactor, he's still regarded as pop and he's still one of the many artists Simon Cowell has under his wing.

Grimshaw is different in that he combines his pop fan base and origins and combines it with a few genres he cherishes. His debut album Misty Eye is by far the best album released from an XFactor contestent, because it generally is different and not a typical pop frenzy of RedOne written love songs. Grimshaw had two moderately sucsessfull singles with "Is This Love" and "Curtain Call", both of which at least entered the UK singles chart, which is what most pop / mainstream listeners look for. And because these singles maybe wernt as sucsessfull as his XFactro countaparts, it leads his fans to label him as 'underrated'. This isn't the case, Grimshaw is just a decent vocalist wanting to sucseed in a different way, and "Nothing At All" is the single that pulls him apart from the pack.

"Nothing At All" begins with a heavily reverberated piano. Grimshaw talks on top of the piano which after 15 seconds turns in to a trip-hop beat with Massive Attack deep in the ears of the listener. Grimshaw doesn't have a bad voice, and he delivers the chorus: "Electric feel your hands around me, up and down me rest my mind. Unbroken seal your light astounds me, take my dark and let it shine," with conviction, ease and skill greater than every XFactor finalist. It's a shame XFactor has to be mentioned, when reviewing a track by Aiden Grimshaw, because it's almost as if appearing on the XFactor was nothing but a mistake, a one off in his life. The pop manufactured XFactor has finally delivered something worthy of mentioning, Aiden Grimshaw - "Nothing At All". Not the best of artists or the best of tracks, but it sure beats "Swagger Jagger" and "What Makes You Beautiful".

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