Monday, 18 February 2013

Track Review: Primal Scream - 2013

I'm listening to Primal Scream's new single whilst downloading Johnny Marr's first solo album, right after giving Thom Yorke's side-project Atoms For Peace a listen. Bobby Gillespie has been Primal Scream's frontman for over 30 years now, and his alternative rock never grows old. Sure, Primal Scream have gone off the radar, but they've always had a sound and an idea in mind, and 2013 could very well be the year Primal Scream return to form on the album front. We've already had great releases from the likes of Beach Fossils, Iceage and the surprise Kevin Shields gave us a few weeks ago, so it's not exactly peculiar that Primal Scream have titled their new single "2013". 

"2013" is the pre-release single taken from Primal Scream's 10th studio album. I'm not sure if Mani from The Stone Roses or Debbie Googe of My Bloody Valentine is playing bass on this track (and the rest of the album). It does however feature brass, standard Primal Scream vocal jeers on the chorus and My Bloody Valentine's Kevin shields on electric guitar. This isn't the most inspiring Primal Screams track to date, but then again it's only a short radio edit. Politics are high on Gillespie's mind as he gives a little rant over generation changes and the power of the £. 

I have to say, Shields isn't very impressive on the guitar, and Gillespie is less impressive with his penned chorus with the repetition of track title. It's a good meaning, and I’m sure the full album version will be spectacular; however I’m just not feeling it with this as a single. The brass is the best piece of instrumentation on "2013" and even then it's a little off. Is this Primal Scream recording an updated version of The Stooges - "1969"? No. Is 2013 going to be a great year for music? I would say so... More Light will be available in May.

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