Sunday, 17 February 2013

Track Review: The Strokes - All the Time

The Stokes debuted new material a couple of weeks ago with the Stranglers-esque "One Way Trigger". You can be forgiven for not caring to much about The Stokes in 2013, especially after that letting listeners down with 2011's mediocre album Angles. We actually have to go back almost 10 years before listening to decent material from The Strokes. A further two would take you back to Is This It, an album which will soon be regarded a classic. 

Can you tell the difference between "All the Time" and tracks from Angles? I can. "All The Time" actually sounds like The Strokes have recorded it. The Stokes most certainly are not one hit wonders, "Last Nite" was good, but Is This It showcased some of the best indie rock America had to offer for British listeners. Instead of bland instrumentation, a typical structure and poor guitar work, The Strokes hit back with a single that tops "One Way Trigger" by a country mile. It starts with loud, abrasive percussion and a catchy guitar riff that The Strokes have been without for many a year. The chorus kicks in and Julian Casablancas’' vocal effects shine. The lead guitar on the left side of the speaker is typical of The Strokes and takes the listener back to their roots.

If this track doesn’t get you excited about Comedown Machine, then I’m not sure what will. It's fast, short and its indie rock that we can all relate to. Their fifth studio album will be released in late March and lasts for approximately 38 minutes. I'm hoping for a short, snappy album with material along the lines of "All the Time". It's not that "One Way Trigger" is bad either; it just doesn’t have the authentic sounds that The Stokes should be putting out. They do that on "All the Time", and maybe they'll do it on their biggest ever advertisement for RCA, Comedown Machine. 

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