Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Discovery: The Dancers - For Something in Your Eyes

French trio The Dancers reside in Brighton, the seaside location becoming known for its intimate city festival Great Escape and for indie pop bands. And although Great Escape is a toned down UK equivalent of Austin's SXSW, it still holds the key to many upcoming bands. The Dancers are an indie pop band with an ear for soundscapes and minimalistic electronica with cut vocals and African influenced percussion.

The chirpy singe "For Something in Your Eyes" is their latest release since 2011's debut EP New Chemistry. It's for fans of Phoenix, Braids and a bit of Vampire Weekend. The production has been handled well and there's chemistry between instruments that the above EP lacks. It's worth checking out just for the structure, which is in an unusual time signature for indie pop. The reverb layers slow the track right down towards the end, creating this anticlimactic effect. The Dancers will be releasing their debut album soon, be sure to check it out.

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