Monday, 18 March 2013

Discovery: Jeroen Fens - Wroaapp

"Wroaapp" is one of several original trance / house recordings by Dutch DJ Jeroen Fens. Under the genre coup trouse, made known by fellow Dutch DJ Tiësto. His widespread acclaim and universal club night spins are of influence to the emerging market of today's Dutch electronic musicians. Fens is the latest in a string of producers / DJ's to release recorded music through small local record labels, by using such software as Ableton Live.

"Wroaapp" is six and a half minutes long and like the trance music ravers often find in clubs. Fens has produced this track well mixing the transe segments with the house beat and deep bass. It's been split up into three different sections, the house intro; predominant trance build-up and then what could be considered a trance 'drop', with further bass patterns and unique breakdowns. 

Although "Wroaapp" is like Tiësto club tracks and the less popular Swedish House Mafia, Fens manages to use what knowledge he has of the genre and put it to good use. This is an artist with an ear for structure and combined sounds, with good production skills and a catalogue to build from.

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