Sunday, 10 March 2013

Discovery: Silk Filled Stilts - Takin' Time Out

Silk Filled Stilts are a four piece from Ann Arbor, Michigan, performing indie pop with synths for the 90s generation. The track in question is "Takin' Time Out", produced by Osborne, better known as Soundmurderer. If I was leaving my music with a producer, I probably wouldn’t' want it to be touched by someone who murder's sounds for a living. That was weak, I know, however the irony is that Silk Filled Stilts come out with a neat single in "Takin' Time Out".

"Takin' Time Out" isn’t so much a 'new' single, finding its way on to the internet in early 2011, then later in that year as an updated produced version. The changes are most definitely better and much clearer. There's a synthesizer hook about half-way in, which is where the track really gets going. Sure, the bass introduction and electric guitar rhythms are lovely, but they're not as exciting or energetic as the chorus or synthesizer break. Silk Filled Stilts are unusual because they combine the alternative rock of the 90s such as R.E.M and mix it with synthesizer indie pop along the lines of The Big Pink. Powerful, loud synths work with a standard rock aesthetic, and having Ann Arbor's musical characteristics of Iggy Pop goes along way. Although this four piece maybe aren’t coming out from an underground scene, they're at least open to be discovered, because believe it or not they have a pretty good back catalogue on their Soundcloud.

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