Monday, 4 March 2013

Track Review: The Flaming Lips - Sun Blows Up Today

The Flaming Lips will release their thirteenth studio album titled The Terror in April, and although many people (of the internet age) already have their hands on it, they might not have this pre-hype gem. I'm not sure why The Flaming Lips haven’t put "Sun Blows Up Today" on The Terror, it may be down to the context and lyrical meaning on a whole. This song would fit nicely on The Terror and Embryonic for that matter. After the Heady Fwends collaboration album last year, expectations were somewhat lowered, due to some of the names and sounds on this album. Ke$ha being a name many wouldn’t expect to hear in the same sentence as The Flaming Lips.

"Sun Blows Up Today" is a return to form for The Flaming Lips. Wayne Coyne's youthful nature and Steven Drozd's experiments have always been a fresh and unique touch on neo-psychedelia. Embryonic will go down as The Flaming Lips most adventurous album, until The Terror gets the full critical stabbing. The experimental style of The Flaming Lips can be heard all over "Sun Blows Up Today". The pounding electronic drumming and hand claps, the synthesizer riffs that have been layered, many times, Coyne's chopped up and reverberated vocal. It all comes together after 20 seconds and never really fades away, with the Suicide-esque no wave percussion stuck in the listeners mind. If this song is intended to excite listeners, then I’m definitely excited. The Terror will be out in April, and you better not shy away from it. 

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