Friday, 8 March 2013

Track Review: Mount Kimbie - Made To Stray

Mount Kimbie released their debut album Crooks & Lovers three years ago and fans have never stopped demanding more. Today James Blake gave the people what they want with a track from his sophomore album, late last night Kai Campos and Dom Maker did the same in the shape of "Made To Stray". It was Rince FM that had the pleasure of premiering the new Mount Kimbie track, presumed to be featuring on the duo's upcoming sophomore album later this year. They signed to Warp Records last year and now have the task of picking up from where they left off with 2010's Crooks & Lovers.

"Made To Stray" doesn't sound like the stripped back minimalism of Crooks & Lovers. It was the lack of instrumentation that attracted listeners to Mount Kimbie in the first place. Their debut album was like a lighter and glitchier Four Tet, with the influence of James Blake who used to be a member of their live set up. Instead of the calm and collected tracks from the duo's past, they've gone for something more dance orientated and designed for clubs. Turn the clock back to Digital Mystikz's origins on the South London scene and smash it with Mount Kimbie's dubbed 'post-dubstep' music made in Peckham, this is what you get. Sharp ambience, heavy standard dance pattern bass beats and a vocal perched towards the end. There's also an off-beat and traditional Mount Kimbie percussion. It's an exciting return for the duo that should who should be releasing album number two this year. We await the announcement with open arms. On a side note, I think all radio presenters that interrupt songs mid-way should die in a fire.

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