Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Track Review: No Joy - Lunar Phobia

Ghost Blonde, the ear-piercing debut album by Canadian duo No Joy. It's enriched in modern shoegaze, delicate feminine dream-pop and a strange but ambient atmosphere. Signed to Mexican Summer, No Joy have enjoyed slight success in the states as well as Europe. It comes as a welcomed open arm display of affection that No Joy will be releasing their sophomore album Wait to Pleasure later this year. It will spark excitement and hype from an array of shoegaze supporters, after the moderate success of their debut.

"Lunar Phobia" is exactly what fans of No Joy would expect. A spacious atmosphere as the name suggests, wailing vocals much like last year’s vocal wonder woman Grimes. The guitars are typical No Joy, with further importance on reverb and delay rather than the lo-fi and heavy distortion aesthetic Ghost Blonde consists of. You can hear heavy electronic beats towards the final third, a different but cunning solution to No Joy's usual minimal percussion. Nothing is guaranteed with No Joy's second album, but we all know that it will be a cleaner and layered version of Ghost Blonde.

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