Saturday, 23 March 2013

Track Review: Savages - She Will


Savages announced the release of their debut album last week, Silence Yourself will be the title - a worthy header for what will be an exceptional year for the London quartet. They contributed several songs in 2012, all of which capturing the ears and eventually eyes of their listeners. The viewers on the other-hand were exposed to a band as relevant as Bowie costumes. Music that belongs in the 70s / 80s usually should be kept their, and little miss black haired extravagant punk rock Siouxsie Sioux will have words to say about the emergence of Savages. A band that already has credibility and a strong following must not be confused or side-tracked by their imminent success. Savages play their roles as they do their image, in the dark. 

"She Will" is another post-punk chaotic track. It will feature on their upcoming album along with the thumping "Husbands". As Savages continue to build a discography, the quartet's philosophy has never changed. They posted a statement over a month ago about their output and what we're expecting from them. The bold statement was a move of nostalgia to the scene Savages evolved from. Savages are not the copycat losers Chumbawamba once spoke of, they're the appreciative and to the point musician’s punk rock spoke of, not in words but in actions. "She Will", as gritty and primitive as it may sound, is an impressive and interesting track. We've been waiting for a band like Savages for quite some time. That sass, that energy and feminism is just what British music needs.

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