Sunday, 24 March 2013

Track Review: Vampire Weekend - Step

Vampire Weekend released a double A-side "Diane Young" and "Step" one week ago, their first official release since 2010's Contra. The New York quartet are on the rollercoaster ride to their third album in five years with Modern Vampires of the City when it's released in May. It's hard to forget when Vampire Weekend first broke on to the scene. 2008's self-titled debut was a breath of fresh American air when British indie rock was finally coming to a steady stop. New York was lacking in indie rock exports and this happy, colourful quartet of young adults filled the gap and have been the source of indie inspiration since. With their third album on the horizon, fans of Vampire Weekend have a reason to dress in yellow, orange and pink. 

"Step" is a breezy indie pop track from the typically fun and exciting Vampire Weekend. Instead of the college friendly hipsters, "Step" is a slow, sophisticated track with interesting lyrics and a geographical theme. Vampire Weekend have said their third album will be about locations, none better than their home New York City. Name-dropping places around America, specifically New York City. Koenig sings: "And punks who would laugh when they saw us together, well they didn't know how to dress for the weather," followed by: "I can still see them there huddled on Astor, snow falling slow to the sound of The Master." Koenig's personal touch is always welcomed in Vampire Weekend songs, with "Step" being one of his literal tracks. The 'master' he refers to could either be Duane Peters, a Rakim album, a personal punk rock favourite or just about anything. Modern Vampires of the City is coming soon.

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