Thursday, 14 March 2013

Track Review: Wavves - Demon to Lean On

Wavves released their third album King of the Beach in 2010, one week after Best Coast's debut album Crazy for You. Bethany Cosentino's surf rock influenced lo-fi reminisced Wavves' Nathan Williams of his two lo-fi albums. The two bands go hand in hand, the Mother and Father of Californian indie / surf / lo-fi. Wavves consists of two members, Williams and his right hand man Stephen Pope. Their fourth album Afraid of Heights will be out later this month, and the third pre-release track "Demon to Lean On", could be a reason to be excited.

"Demon to Lean On" is stacked full of powerful chords in the style of 90s American alternative rock. Think Pavement hit with some dirty punk influenced Green Day. We already have one of these bands, and they're called Cloud Nothing's, and Wavves are no different to the post-punk revival-esque post-The Strokes, 00s indie rock generation. Having power chords and a dreary vocal is a step towards pop-punk, and for the low fidelity that defines Wavves, well it's no more, just like the lack of lo-fi on Best Coast's sophomore album The Only Place released last year. 

This track is an improvement over the grunge frenzy "Sail to the Sun". I'm still not convinced with Wavves, and I probably won't be for a very long time. Williams has been developing a sound ever since starting out, and he's still unable to find his own sound. The regurgitation of 90s alternative rock has to stop at some point; however the end is not in sight just yet. We can expect variety with fourth album Afraid of Heights, but don't expect it to be the right variety.

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