Monday, 22 April 2013

Discovery: The Bilinda Butchers - The Lovers' Suicide!

The Bilinda Butchers of San Francisco take their name from My Bloody Valentine's chief whip, Bilinda Butcher. She may not be the outspoken member that directs, that job was clearly left for Kevin Shields when they started out in 1983. The female vocalist/guitarist has a minimal presence on My Bloody Valentine recordings, but her influence on Shields and her subtle contributions made the world of difference. It's that influence that inspired a genre of music to follow in their Loveless footsteps, a step The Bilinda Butchers took in 2011 when they released Regret, Love, Guilt, Dreams the mission statement that also acts as the duo's debut EP.

The Bilinda Butchers show all the qualities of a dream pop band without the need for distortion. "The Lovers' Suicide!" is a step in the right direction, after losing grip on their rise with last year’s EP Goodbyes. They manage to combine the haunting effects of a dream pop guitar with danceable beats and a killer rhythm. Imagine Wild Nothing on Ibiza, "The Lovers' Suicide!" is that summer of love song you've been waiting for.

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