Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Track Review: Best Coast - Fear Of My Identity

Best Coast went into the sunset avenue of recording studios last year wanting to release a mellow record. Well they did, and it was pretty bad. Thankfully Bobb Bruno, Bethany Cosentino and her cat have taken time to reflect on their simplistic and failing sophomore album The Only Place. The duo have looked back to 2010's gritty and distortion heavy Crazy For You to try and reignite the flame that was blown during excessive touring and too many dreams of surfing. Record Store Day is the perfect opportunity for artists to showcase a new direction, an old direction, new material, old material. It's basically the new and old of the music industry, with glossy limited editions to keep all the queuing people happy. Those that are happy enough at home on Record Store Day (me) await the digital issues of Record Store Day releases.

"Fear Of My Identity" is Best Coast's new track that may or may not feature on their upcoming EP. It's a three and a half minute track reminiscent of the "When I'm With You" summer days rather than the "Do You Still Love Me Like You Used To" rainy days. Cosentino speaks with a different tone on this single. Instead of the usual moans and groans, Cosentino delivers a vocal full of remorse and pain. it's a spectacular improvement over the poor vocals on The Only Place. It's now important for Best Coast to follow-up this single with an EP of similar material, then that third album can make the grade rather than fall under the poor third album blues syndrome.

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