Monday, 8 April 2013

Track Review: Deerhunter - Monomania

Deerhunter continue their reign as America's best bet experimental post-punk rock band with "Monomania", the title track from their sixth studio album set to be released in May. Bands like Deerhunter are rare and only come about by chance, many fail to make it big or achieve any sort of acknowledgement other than their musical counterparts. The story of Deerhunter is quite different, and this single is just another tale in the story of Bradford Cox and co. 

Soaring guitars and a vox opens "Monomania". Deerhunter's fifth album Halcyon Digest was released three years ago and was a success. They continue to surprise by taking a step away from the refined rock and psych, leaning towards the fuzz and chaotic noise rock / garage rock of their debut Turn It Up Faggot and it's shoegaze follow-up Cryptograms. "Monomania" nurses the noise and relaxes on a simplistic bass riff that carries the track through all the distortion and vocal miscreants. Deerhunter have been one of my personal favourite bands in recent years, they will carry "Monomania" on to their sixth album with excitement and noise.

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