Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Track Review: Gold Panda - Brazil

Derwin Panda has been one of the most appreciated and excitable artists here at Music Review Database over the past three years. His debut album Lucky Shiner marked a turn from the bass heavy and acoustic instrumentation to glitch and cuts, his trademark. If it wasn't for Panda's 7" "Quitter's Raga" in 2009, well Music Review Database wouldn’t be on this scale, thanks to a fine seven seconds of bliss ending our slow, but viewed videos. It comes as a great surprise that Ghostly International's Gold Panda is releasing his sophomore album this summer, in the heart of 2013. Releasing a snapshot with this track titled "Brazil". From a memorable debut to a more forgettable, progressive EP earlier in the year, Panda continues to release music and enjoys doing so.

Like with many other Gold Panda tracks, "Brazil" utilises a said word, which has then been shifted, effected and repeated to form the basics of a track. He successfully did this with "You." in 2010, repeating this single phrase pattern on Half of Where You Live. It starts as a high pitched wind-up, as Gold Panda applies the vocal and further synthesizer loops of claps, drum beats and his usual toned down bass. Panda has described his upcoming album as a journey, a community of tracks for a city landscape. It's based around Panda's touring life, and his continued fascination with the Far East countries, specifically Japan. Chimes dangle and off-beat patterns appear, as they do in many Gold Panda releases. "Brazil" is a strong track to carry his album Half of Where You Live back into the hands of his listeners.

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